Domin Sone Majunda Ekaney, MD MPH MBA

Chief Operations Officer

Dr Ekaney Domin is a physician, clinical and public health researcher with a strong interest in preventive medicine. He holds an M.D, two masters degrees in Public Health Methodology (ULB, Belgium) and International Business Economics and Management (MBA) from the Brussels International Business School, Belgium.

He currently works as a clinical research and development lead at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Biologicals S.A. Belgium. As a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of HERO, Cameroon, He has led several community health research and educational programs across Cameroon and Africa. He has experience in scientific communication and translating complex research as well as adapting WHO proven interventions within resource limited settings in Cameroon.

Dr Ekaney is a fellow and Alumni of several prestigious scientific and academic institutions including CRENC, UBMSAA, ULB, KU LEUVEN etc. He is actively involved in coaching and mentoring medical students as well as early career researchers in research.