Capacity Building with medical students in Cameroon

On the 20th of April 2018, HERO Cameroon organized a unique, one of its kind and enriching capacity building seminar at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea.

Main Objective and target population

The seminar was geared towards turning medical students into leaders, entrepreneurs and managers.

Description of activities

The session began at 1pm with an opening prayer from a randomly selected participant. Thereafter the theme was introduced by the moderator (Dr Njang Emmanuel, CFO of HERO Cameroon).

He introduced the key note speaker for the day (Dr Maewo Nangoh), who later gave a 25 mins talk on the relevance of the selected theme. Thereafter, the first guest speaker (Dr Domin Ekaney) gave a 20 minutes talk on how to set-up a Non-governmental organization. He focused on the importance of a sustainability plan when setting up such an organization.

The next speaker (Dr Helen Nwanosike) gave a very engaging talk to the participants on how to build curriculum vitae appealing to the international community. She emphasized on the need of a short and concise CV and the need to volunteer with non- governmental organizations.

During a 15 minute break, the participants and speakers had took a group picture and had a small networking session over snacks.

The second phase began with a 3-minute video projection which was about medical doctors creating impact in other works of life. This was done with the aim of inspiring participants to get engaged in activities outside their degree programs.

The 4th Speaker of the day (Dr Epie Terrence) talked about the various ways a medical student can become an entrepreneur. He encouraged participants to be brave, daring and urged them to come out of their comfort zones to create impact. Last but one speaker (Dr Alexis Awung) elaborated on the role medical student’s play in the advancement of information technology and primary healthcare.

Our last speaker of the day (Dr Agbor Ashu) spoke about the impact of information technology in healthcare delivery. This was followed by a very interactive question answer session with the participants. The session was concluded with closing remarks from the keynote speaker.

The program ended at 5 pm. It was a full house with over 200 participants.

Partners: Giftedmom , Hospi Mobile, Beteck, University of Buea Medical School Alumni Association- Ubmsaa

Photography: Fahrenheit pictures