Celebrating World Malaria Day 2018 in Bakingili, Cameroon

Project Overview

Over 90% of Cameroonians are at risk of malaria infection, with more than half of this number suffering from at least one episode every year. With the theme for this year being ‘ready to beat Malaria‘ the HERO team decided to commemorate this event by cleaning a dumpsite with inhabitants of the Bakingili community.

Project Description

HERO Cameroon team arrived Bakingili at 10am, after presenting themselves to the chief, they had a meeting with the youths of the community where they discussed on the importance of proper waste disposal as a means of preventing the spread of malaria in the community. Thereafter they all moved to a previously selected site which was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The site was cleaned by the HERO Cameroon team in close collaboration with the youths of the community.

It was resolved by the youths that any member of the community who disposes waste at the cleaned site would be levied a financial fine.

The team left Bakingili at 1pm and agreed to visit every month for a follow-up