Universal Health Coverage symposium by HERO Cameroon

On the 13th of December 2019, HERO Cameroon in collaboration with Buea-University Medical Students’ Association (BMSA) organised a symposium, ‘UHC in Cameroon by 2035: The role of medical students in its realisation’.

The event was graced with the likes of Dr. Nde Fon Peter, leading Public Health specialist and Director, Solidarity Hospital; Mr. Samuel Monono, Health Economist and Deputy Manager of Performance Based Initiative at the South West Regional Delegation of Public health; Dr. Sangwe Clovis, Founder of Rural Doctors; Miss Noela Lyonga, Founder of Noela Lyonga Foundation and Dr. Ngwashi Christabel, Founder of More Than Just an MD.

The main points of discussion during the symposium were as follows;

  •  The government’s action towards realisation of Universal Health Coverage by 2035 in Cameroon
  •  Realities of  Health Care in Cameroon when both Public and Private health institutions are involved
  •  Adversities in Implementation of Universal Health Coverage in these health institutions.
  •  Universal Health Care in rural settings of Cameroon.
  •  The role of Health Science students and Youth in General in achieving Universal Health Coverage.
  •  The role of volunteerism and community engagement in advocating for Universal Health Coverage.


Over 200 medical students were present for the engaging session.The event lasted about four hours.

The resolutions and recommendations were taken down by the representative of the South-West Regional delegate of Public Health, to be forwarded to the Ministry of Public Health for discussion and implementation.